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It's Friyay again!

It's not the hottest, sunniest, day... but I'm totally ok with that. The park is great almost all the time... so bring your picnic blankets, we've got a great food lineup tonite!

Next week is the chicken market, so start getting your costumes ready... there will be prizes! You'll have to out-shine me though, in my epic chicken outfit I've been planning for months. You can also get in the mood tonite by coming and holding some baby chickens, as always.

Also, we've got a music double-feature tonite, with Fluffy Busker Jonah from 4 to 6, and Larissa from 6 to 8. We're starting to think about how to help visitors to the city make sure they don't miss the best things we have to offer (like the market) so I'm going to be coming around and asking folks what their fave things in Vernon are so we can maybe publish a small guide.

See you in the park!

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