It's been a long pandemic, lets get out there and bring our crafts and skills to the lovely folks in Vernon! 

Markets are no longer covered in the Public Health Order issued by the Province of BC, so our safety plan has recently changed (July 19) to a Vendor Guideline, and I'd ask that everyone reviews it on their own time. It's available below.

So please take the time to read our Safety Plan (we spent a lot of time working on it) and help us make sure we're following rules and operating safely.

We love our vendors! We're so excited to promote local makers, businesses and farmers. Here's a couple tips for helping us get to know you:

1. Doing this application may take you 5 minutes, please include full addresses to social media links, and/or photos of your booth and products. 

2. Please write a short description of your business, this also helps. Please include products and any noteworthy business history.

3. The way you type your name is how it's going to show up for everything I do, forever, I don't have time to type out 60-70 vendor names for a public list every week. Please make sure there are no spelling mistakes, and that you've capitalized when needed. ie. Joe's Handmade Goods instead of joes handmade goods.


What to expect as a vendor....


Hit the button above, and fill out the application. If possible please include a photo of your booth set up.

Select dates you'd like to attend.

Acceptance email

You'll get an email that says "You're In".

Please follow the instructions in the email.

Login and pay

Please login and pay for your booth by the monday before the market.

If you can't make it, or need to change a date please let us know, or remove your requested date so others can have the space.

Market Day

Thanks so much for joining us! Drop off is from 2 to 3:30, and the market is 4 to 8. 

All vendors must have tents. Creative displays are encouraged, tables are boring. 


Refund Policy

We try to give out refunds and credits as much as possible, but we will reserve the right to make our own judgement on refunds when we get into the last 48 hours before a market. 

Please give us as much notice as you can if you don't think you'll be attending so we can try to find someone to take your spot. We still incur costs weekly for running the market, and we'd like to keep this going and keep it afloat by making sure we have the best possible chance at covering those costs.

Thanks for understanding!