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Yoga in the Park tonite!

How connected are you feeling with your body? How tight are your shoulders right now? Where are they sitting? Can you roll them back and support your spine? Take a breathe, let go of the tenseness in your jaw, and let your tongue relax from the top of your mouth. Good work.

Now, come to the park tonite and do more of that, including body movement, with LJ. You can bring a mat, a blanket, a towel, or just connect yourself with the grass, and it's suitable for all levels - even if you've never tried yoga before.

We love being able to bring experiences to the market, so you can try new things available in our community without having to put in the additional work of seeking them out.

While you're at the market, did you need any gifts for friends and family coming to town? Support local artisans and makers so we have amazing things being made in our community!

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