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Looking for something to do tonite!?

Just figured I'd do a quick last minute post before heading up to SilverStar to setup our vendors for the light up tonite. It's not even going to be horrendously cold, just normal cold (like -3 to -8) and there will be so many awesome things happening:


3:00 - Polson Artisan Market opens 4:00 - Light up begins: info igloo is open 5:00 - SilverStar welcome! Trail of Lights opens. Village entertainment begins. Santa arrives. 5:30 - Kinshira fire show 6:30 - Second Kinshira fire show 7:00 - Torch Light Parade 7:15 - BC Games Torch lighting in village: Speeches 7:30 - Fireworks!

If you're not up for the drive, don't forget Santa is also at the Village Green Shopping Centre, and so are our vendors! Go do a mall walk and check out Simple Clothing, Nautilus Clayworks, or Summer Farm and all their spices & more.

Either way, thanks for all your support in 2022! Stay tuned for great things in 2023!

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