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This weekend! Sleigh All Day! The long wait is over!

We've been planning this event since February roughly... it's been a long year of dreaming of the holiday season, and working on sourcing everything to make this as weird and wonderful as possible!

Event Details:

So we'll be open on Friday night for folks to get the first shot at all the goodies our vendors are bringing, from 5 to 8 pm. The Seaton Choir is coming to perform from 630 to 7 in our 'Winter Wonderland' at center ice.

Saturday we're starting with an amazing Opera Singer and Violinist duo, from 10am to Noon. This is followed by Santa photos from 12-4 (break for Santa from 130 to 230). To wrap up the performances that day we have DJ Missdemeanour from 4 to 8 in the box in the sky at the Arena.

All weekend we've got Cycle Without Age doing indoor sleigh rides! Indoor-sleigh-rides... seriously!

Sunday, we'll be there 11 to 4, with Santa photos again from 12-4 (break again from 130 to 230).

We're also excited to have offered our doors as a fundraiser for the Girl Guides, they've got a trip they need to fund to take the troupe to the east coast this year. The suggested donation is $2, but we don't want anyone feeling like they can't come without paying, so it is suggested.

The Boy Scouts will also be fundraising, doing gift wrapping by the front doors for donations. MLA Harwinder Sandhu will also be coming on Sunday to greet folks, she's always been an amazing supporter of local cultural events in the North Okanagan.

So make a plan, you've got 3 days to choose from, and you haven't even seen the crazy decor I have planned yet...

Giveaway information:

We're in the middle of 12 days of giveaways, an epic giveaway series from our generous vendors, and there's a plot twist - we've got a 13th day as a big multi-vendor giveaway. Here's a sneak peek:

Here is the full list of vendors and the map for the event, see you at Kal Tire Place, Dec 8-10!

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