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Upcoming Events Update!

We've missed you, we've missed our vendors, we've been missing everyone! It's been nice enjoying our fall so far, but we miss our friyays!

We've been working hard on two events for this coming holiday season, we've got Sleigh All Day and the SilverStar Winter Festival.

For Sleigh All Day, we're taking over the Kal Tire Arena for 3 days, we'll be having a fri-yay shopping night followed by 2 full days of local gifts, featuring over 100 vendors, gift wrapping by the boy scouts, Santa and professional photographer (or snap a shot on your phone), more music, food, choir from Seaton, and an epic amount of tinsel enrobing the entirety of the arena inside. This will be on Dec 8, 9, 10.

And the following weekend we'll be at SilverStar for the Winter Festival, Dec 16th, in the Chilcoot Lodge for the Last Chance Market. In addition to a fantastic, curated group of local artisans, there will be dinner specials in the Village, musical features and we're working on a special light display to mark the way to the market. This will be running from 11 to 5pm that day, so just in time to go have dinner.

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