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7 Celebrations, Polson Market Joins for 2 Great TOTA Events This Weekend

From the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association: "In the Thompson Okanagan we are lucky enough to live in an incredible place that is composed of diverse communities, cultures, and landscapes. Here, we believe in sharing what we love about this region with each other and our visitors.

Join us at the fourth event of a seven event-series titled 7 Celebrations, Reconnecting in the North Okanagan, where you can enjoy cultural performances, Indigenous storytellers, local and Indigenous artisans, and more."

Polson Market is very excited (we're honestly always excited about everything) to be featuring some of the best local artisans the North Okanagan has to offer in 2 markets set up this Saturday, Feb 4 at the Vernon Rec Centre, and Sunday, Feb 5, at the Chilcoot Conference Centre at SilverStar.

If you'd like more info, and a list of vendors, check out our page. For more info on all the weekends special events, here is the TOTA website.

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