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Come beat the heat in the park with us tonite!

The fellow in the photo is tonites musical talent, we're excited to have Sidney Bos come play. Here's a link to his spotify if you want to hear a little before tonite.

So it's been hot lately, not unusually hot by Okanagan standards, but the world is heating up and I think the mood towards these heat waves is changing -- and our approach to events should as well. Thinking intelligently about how we approach problems will be a big part of how human-kind moves forward in it's relationship with the earth, and so to help beat the heat we're having our first horseshoe-market instead of a circular one.

We're going to take advantage of the micro-biome created by the park's grass and trees, and our knowledge of the suns movements across the park, to help protect our vendors and our customers. As usual there is always lots of picnic space in the shade under the trees, and I suspect it'll be one of the nicest places to be in Vernon this evening, especially with the entertainment we have planned. Lastly, we'll be handing out free water bottles kept on ice till supplies run out for anyone needing to cool off.

As to our other entertainment tonite... we have Swordfighters BC, Martial Energy Works, coming to show us their historical European swordfighting techniques. If you want to know more about them, here is their website. See you tonite, 4 to 8!

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