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First Fri-yay of the Season!

Come join us in 2 days for the First Friyay of the Season!

Keep an eye out along swan lake for our billboard, I'm trying to tell more folks from out of town we're available to hang out with them :)

This week:

Our food truck lineup includes the new Two Sparrows Pizza, the ever-loved Shabbang, the amazing Samosa Lady, and rarely seen off the farm, D Dutchman Ice Cream courtesy of Trisha's Treats.

Did you know you can order Shabbang online and skip the line? I do this everytime I need a bangwich.

Larissa MacNeil is coming to play for us, she's got an amazing voice.

We also have over 50 vendors this week! I'll post the list in a sec, but first, I just wanted to say how excited I am to see everyone again, to be in Polson Park, and to have my weekly dose of community back for the season. You and your friends are what puts the spice in my cake!


Picture Witch Designs (NEW)

Heart & Mind Tarot

Marten Brewing Company

The Sudsery

Pastorey Pasta and foggy valley soaps (NEW)

Rabbit Hole Collective

Neon Daisy CA

After Dark Distillery Ltd

Debz Glitz

Samosa lady

Expressive Effects (NEW)

Spiral Garden Ceramics

Fanciful Gallery

Lala's Freeze Dried Snacks

Turtle Mountain Chocolate Ltd

Two Sparrows Catering (NEW)

cedar phoenix (NEW)

Ms. Dres Place (NEW)

Lyds Ceramics

Armstrong Farm Co. (NEW)

Nomad (NEW)

PawPrint Method Dog Training (NEW)

Coldstream Games

Farmstrong Cider Company

hearthealing (NEW)

Ok Valley Freeze Dried

jams practice

Shuswap Cider Company Ltd.


Kubbs fine fruit and crystals

Spiderlady design

Lindes Gifts and More

Shabbang Food Truck

Trishas Treat

Ok Frozen Co (NEW)

Gaias Pantry (NEW)

Tourism Vernon

The cotton cloud(NEW)

The Simple Clothing Company

Black Cat Crossing Farm

Glory to Glory

Shuswap Highland Stills LTD

Ginkgoteeth Designs(NEW)

Lunar Splendor

Green Finch Design

Ricochet Brewing

Cool Treats Freeze Dried Candy(NEW)

Salsational Salsa

Crafty Cat

Kootenay West Distilling (NEW)

Tonys Craft Cidery

Northyards Cider Co.(NEW)

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