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We've got 2 events at Silver Star this month!

Join us for Pride on the Mountain, March 10

We'll be up there with our vendors and the Vernon Pride Society to celebrate our LGBTQ+ community members with live music and performances on March 10. We'll have our folks set up from 12 to 4, but don't miss all the other things happening that day!


Apres Ski Tour

Part of the Seismic events at Silver Star, the Apraves Skii Tour will be happening on March 30, featuring a DJ/Production Duo from Whistler, a beer garden, and our vendors will be there from 12 to 4 to party with you! More events are happening that night on the hill here's some info to get you started.

Attention Vendors!

We're currently running a sale on our booths for the summer, if you're interested pop over to the website and take a peek under 'Vendors' for more information! 

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