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The New Vernon Market

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Hey everyone, and welcome!

It doesn't need to be said, but to preface the rest of this post, it's been a unique year to say the least. To start, a lot of things we took for granted became things we had to actively think about. Liked going to the gym for example? It's gone, then its back, but now there's rules...

Another big struggle for a lot of us is missing friends and family, and so hopefully plans to visit and reconnect are coming together for you sooner than later with BC moving into the next phases of reopening.

Organizing a market in Vernon came out of a need to address a shortage in culture, nightlife, socialization and a venue for featuring local artisans, producers, and skilled creators. Myself and some other makers have been wondering how to connect with the public when events we came to depend on, like Creative Chaos, were shelved for 2 years in a row. They can't be blamed though, that market is a behemoth endeavor at the best of times, with hundreds of vendors and thousands of visitors. Getting the ball rolling on it in uncertain times (january) just to have to halt the snowball of market progress would be a nightmare.

So we wanted to create a smaller venue, on a regular basis, so folks could come enjoy it whenever they had time, and when it was safe for them to do so. So please join us at our first market evening, in Polson Park on Friday July 2! And if you're a local vendor, please fill out an application! We want to have you there :)


Polson Artisan Night Market

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1 Comment

Jun 28, 2021


I am interested in participating in this market a few times each month this summer. Please send me more information. Wendy Lane

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