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Tonite! It's the first Polson Park Palooza!

The name is silly, but we like alliterations, so we decided to call it the Polson Park Palooza... and for our first event, we've got a real zinger - Miina.

Joining us from Victoria, they were formerly known as Carmanah, and had some nationwide coverage making it on the regular rotation for the CBC radio 2 with their song roots, now they've got some new stuff including my new fave, pressure.

Take a listen to those, get as excited as I am, and then come on down to the market tonite for dinner and a free concert in Polson Park! Norsu is opening at 7pm, and Miina starts at 8.

At the market tonite we've got a great dinner lineup again, including Family Affair Donair, Kamui, Samosa Joes, Two Sparrows Pizza and Lil Lia's Froyo.

Here's the link to the list of vendors for tonite. We're packed tonite, with over 60 vendors. We'll see you in the park, market starts at 4pm.

Tonite's event is hosted by the VOICE Society, was made possible by Tourism Vernon and the Province of British Columbia. Thanks so much for making cool things happen in Vernon!

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